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7.1. What are writable workspaces

By default, when creating a workspace all files are made read-only. This is generally good because you have to check the file out to start working on it - which will make it writable. Checking a file out is recommended because this allows you to keep track of which files you are working on.

The problem comes when you are working on a lot of files and your IDE does not intergrate with PureCM. It can be a real pain to have to manually check out each file before you start working on it.

In such situations it is recommended to create a writable workspace. When creating the workspace, uncheck the 'Checked-in files are read-only' checkbox under the 'Advanced options'.

Now all the files are writable - so you do not need to check them out before working on them. All you need to do is run 'Check Consistency' before you submit to identify which files have been edited/added/deleted.

It is recommended that you enable the 'Check Consistency before Submit' option in the GUI 'Options | Submit' page.

This will mean you do not need to take the extra step of running Check Consistency before you submit. Simply select 'Submit' from the Local Changesets item in the GUI tree. This will run the Check Consistency Wizard with the same settings as the last time you ran it. The necessary files will be checked-out/added/deleted and the Changeset Dialog will be lauched ready to submit.

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