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3.2. Workspace Changesets View

The Changesets View can be launched using the Visual Studio 'View | Workspace Changesets' menu. If this menu is not available then check that the PureCM Enhanced Visual Studio Client is installed and setup.

This is the same window as appears in the GUI Workspace View, with all the same operations, so please refer to the User Guide for advanced operations.

'Local Changesets' shows the current changes you are working on in this workspace. Initially checking out files will add them to the Default local changeset. You can create a new local changeset by right-clicking on 'Local Changesets' and selecting 'New'. You can then move change items between local changesets by right-clicking the local changeset and selecting 'Add Change Items'.

You can submit a local changeset to the server by right-clicking the local changeset and selecting 'Submit'.

'Submitted Changesets' shows what changesets have been submitted on the server. You can view a submitted changeset by right-clicking and selecting 'Properties'.

If a changeset has been submitted since you last updated the workspace then the submitted changeset will appear with a warning icon.

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