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4.2. Getting a solution from PureCM

Within Visual Studio select the 'File | PureCM | Get Solution' menu.

Or you can press the 'Get Solution' button on the toolbar.

This will launch the 'Select Visual Studio Solution' dialog.

Select the stream containing the solution in the tree. Note that this will only list streams within the active repository. If you select a stream or folder containing 1 solution file, then a workspace will be created and this solution will be opened. If you select a stream or folder containing more than 1 solution file then PureCM will ask you to select the solution file. Alternatively you can expand the stream or folder and select the solution file.

The Workspace Path is used to determine where the workspace will be created on the local machine.

The Display Name is the name by which the workspace will be referred to.

For 'Advanced Options' please read the User Guide 'Workspace Options' chapter.

On pressing 'OK' a workspace will be created for the selected stream/stream folder and the selected solution will be open. You will notice that the solution, project and all files will appear with a padlock to show that they are controlled by PureCM.

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