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5.4. Checking files out

You need to check out a file before you start editing it. To checkout a file right-click the file and select 'Checkout' or use the 'Checkout File' toolbar button. The file will then appear with a red tick to indicate that it is checked out.

The file will also appear in the the default local changeset if the Changeset View is open.

Alternatively you can check out a file by editing it in the Visual Studio editor. As soon as you try and edit a file which is not checked out you will get the following prompt:

Selecting 'Checkout' will checkout the file and allow you to carry on editing the file. If you select 'Don't show this dialog again' then files will automatically be checked out when you start editing them (without showing the prompt). You can also change this setting in the Visual Studio 'Tools | Options | Source Control | PureCM Options Page'.

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