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4.3. Adding a solution to PureCM

Within Visual Studio select the 'File | PureCM | Add to PureCM' menu.

Or select the 'Add Files' button on the toolbar.

This will launch the 'Add to PureCM' dialog asking for a stream name and a folder where the stream will be created.

This will only allow you to add a stream into the active repositoy. If you wish to use a different repository you can change it from the toolbar.

You can create a new stream folder by selecting the parent folder in the tree and pressing 'Create New Folder'. This will prompt you for the folder name.

If you want to add the solution to an existing stream then you must create a workspace for the stream and add the project to the workspace.

Clicking 'Next' will list the files which will be added to the stream. You can uncheck any files you do not want to include.

Click 'Finish' to add the files to PureCM. You will then notice that the solution, project and files will appear with a padlock to show that they are controlled by PureCM.

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