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3.4. What does Check In do?

'Check In' from Visual Studio can perform one of two operations inside PureCM depending on how you wish to use it.  This is controlled from the main PureCM Options PureCM Optionsinside the PureCM Client and the On the 'General' page there is the 'Submit from SCC on Checkin' option.

PureCM Options Submit on Checkin

Submit From SCC on Checkin

When this option is selected 'Check In' from Visual Studio will act as 'Submit' from inside the PureCM Client. This will open up the 'Submit Dialog' so that you can review your changes and send them to the server. For more information see Submitting your changes to the server. 

Normal Checkin

When this option is not selected 'Check In' from Visual Studio will make a local revision of the file inside your workspace. This will not be submitted to the server and so will not effect any other developers. This can be useful if you want to make a check point in your work, which you can later return to if needed. With this option to Submit your changes to the server you will need to use the PureCM Client.

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