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3.3. Adding your files to PureCM

When you need to add a new set of files to the PureCM server the Windows Explorer client offers probibly your fastest option.

This only applies when you do not have a stream created on the server for these files. If you want to add files to an existing stream you will need to get a workspace for that stream and add the files to it.

To create a new stream for your files select the parent folder and select 'Add Files' from the PureCM menu.

note - if you have not already selected an active repository you will be prompted to do it now. You will also need to register a server connection if you have not already done so.

This will launch a wizard to create your new stream. You need to select the stream folder you want to add your new stream to. (You can also create new stream folders by using the 'create folder' button). Then you need to select a name for the new stream. By default this will use the name of the folder you selected.

When you have selected the stream information press next and you will need to select which files to add. By default this will add all of the files. If you don't want to add some of the files simply uncheck them.

When you press finished PureCM will first create a stream, then will create a workspace for that stream in the folder you selected, then it will add and submit the files all in one simple operation.

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