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6.1. Restarting Windows Explorer

Sometimes you may need to restart Windows Explorer (for example after you have just enabled the PureCM explorer client).

The safest way to do this as always is to restart you machine. However this is often time consuming and it may not be possible for you to close down all of your current programs. The alternative is to use the Windows Task Manager to restart it.

First you need to open Windows Task Manager. This can be done by either right clicking on your task bar at the bottom and selecting 'Task Manager' or by usng the Ctrl + Alt + Delete override combination and selecting Task Manager from the menu.

From here there are two steps: Firstly you need to close the old explorer down. Secondly you need to restart explorer.


To close Explorer down you need to navigate to the Processes tab, find the explorer process and press the 'End Task' button. This will close down any explorer window you have open as well as your desktop and start bar.

Close Down explorer 


Next you need to restart Windows Explorer. For this you need to navigate to the Applications tab, press the New Task button and type explorer into the prompt. This will reopen your desktop and start bar.

Restart Explorer 

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