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3.5. Submitting your changes to the server

To submit in Visual Studio you must have 'Submit from SCC on Checkin' enabled in your options menu.

There are two ways to submit a change. You can either select a checked out file and select 'Check in' or you can use the Pending Checkins tab to control which files are selected in the Submit Dialog.  The 'Pending Checkins' tab also allows you to see which files have been checked out inside this Visual Studio project/solution.

Pending Checkins 

By using the Comment section you can set the description for the changeset you are going to submit. To submit these changes you check the files that you want to submit to the server and press the Check In button.

This will open up the Submit Dialog. Any files selected in the pending checkouts tab will also be selected in the submit dialog.

Submit Dialog

When you are happy with the changeset you press the 'Submit' button.



If you have 'Issue Use' enabled you will be then asked if you wish to submit with an issue. You can choose to activate an issue to assotiate with this changeset.

Activate Issue 

You will then be asked to give a description and a time for the issue action you are performing. By default this will use the same description as the changeset you are submitting.

Issue Details 

Then to complete the submit you click the finish button.

Finish Submit


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