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2.4. Why can't I connect to the Mac server?

After installing the PureCM Server and restarting the machine the first thing to check is that the daemon is running. On a command line type 'sudo ps ax | grep purecm' to see if the 'purecm-daemon' process is running.

If not then see if the daemon has been registered. Type 'sudo launchctl list | grep purecm' to see if 'com.purecm.server' appears. If it does not appear then type 'sudo launchctl -w load /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.purecm.server.plist'. If this starts the service then check the permissions for '/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.purecm.server.plist' to see why it is not being loaded on startup.

If 'com.purecm.server' appears with the command 'sudo launchctl list | grep purecm' then check the status.

If the damon is running but you are unable to connect then try and connect on the same machine as the daemon is running on (this rules out any network/firewall issues). On initial installation the best user to try and connect as is 'admin' with password authentiacation. The password is initially blank.

Please email support@purecm.com if you are still having problems.

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