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3.1. What is Gemini?

Countersoft's Gemini is a flexible and easy to use release planning, issue tracking and defect management tool. It's mainly web-based and offers a flexible setup to support both agile and more traditional workflows.

Why not just use the PureCM Professional Task Tracking functionality?

The PureCM task tracking functionality is excellent for development teams scheduling tasks, assigning these to developers, submitting against these task, and keeping the association between the task and the changes made.

So PureCM issues are well suited within the development process, but it is often not the developers who are raising bugs/issues. There might be a separate help desk who are responsible for raising the bugs/enhancements reported by customers. Or some companies might want to give customers a portal where they can raise bugs/enhancements which get fed straight into the system. This is when Gemini can be a good solution.

Please visit www.countersoft.com to learn more about the tool.

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