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11.1. What Are File Types?

When you add a file to PureCM it will be associated with a file type. PureCM will try and 'guess' the correct file type to use when adding the file.

File types are useful because you can set flags against the file type, which will then effect all files which use it. For example if you decide that all xml files should use UTF-8 encoding rather than local encoding then all you need to do is change the encoding on the 'text/xml' file type to be UTF-8. If a user now creates a new workspace all 'text/xml' files will now use UTF-8 encoding. See the Administrator Guide 'File Types | File Type Flags' section for a description of the various file types.

File types are also useful on the client because you can specify options according to the file type. So for example you can specify that editing all 'text/*' files should use the PureCM Editor, but all 'application/msword' files should use your default editor (presumably Word). See the User Guide 'Client Options | File Preferences' section for a description of the settings you can associate with a file type.

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