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2.2. Folder and Registry permissions

When you install the PureCM Service, the installer/MSI sets permissions on two items in order to secure the installation.  These are :-

  1. The C:\PureCM folder (or wherever you've selected).  The Administrator group is given Full Access to the folder and the Service user (which you select in the Installer and is typically LocalService) is given rights to modify the folder and write to files etc.
  2. The HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\PureCM Service\Parameters registry key.  Similar permissions are set for this registry key.  This key contains basic service information such as the location of C:\PureCM and the port number to listen on etc.
If you decide to change the service to use different credentials (for example, change from LocalService to NetworkService) you'll need to update the permissions on both of these object.  Alternatively, re-installing the PureCM Service may be easier since then the Installer will perform this task (remember to take a copy/backup of C:\PureCM before you do do). 

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