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3.1. What Are 'Pending Changesets'?

Updating a workspace with PureCM is a 2 stage process.

    1) PureCM downloads the new changes and file data from the server. This operation creates a 'pending changeset' for each newly submitted changeset.

    2) PureCM integrates each 'pending changeset' into your workspace.

By default the 'Options | Integration | Automatically Integrate Pending Changsets' flas is set. In this case after doing the download (1) PureCM will attempt to integrate each pending changeset automatically (2). If the integration is successful then you will never see the 'pending changesets'.

If this option is disabled or if the automatic integration failed then you will need to manually integrate the pending changesets. Right-click the first pending changeset and select 'Resolve' to launch the PureCM Resolve Tool. See the User Guide 'File Conflicts | PureCM Resolve Tool' for details on how to manually integrate a changeset. Note that you can only integrate the first pending changeset. It would not make sense to integrate the changesets in a different order from which they were submitted.

Alternatively you can right-click the 'Pending Changesets' tree item and select 'Integrate'. This will try and automatically integrate each pending changeset and will launch the Resolve Tool if an integration fails.

The automatic integration will fail if the pending changeset has changed a file which is being changed in the workspace. If the 'Options | Integration | Automatically Merge Non-Conflicting Edits' flag is set then PureCM will automatically merge the edits if they are on different lines. If the same line on a file has been changed in the worksace and also in a pending changeset then the Resolve Tool will always be launched to resolve the conflict.

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