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10.3. Is it possible to checkpoint my changes?

It is a common scenario when working to reach a point where you want to save the changes you have made, but they are not ready to be submitted. Perhaps you want to try a new way of doing something - safe in the knowledge that you can always revert back to this previous state.

The best way of doing this with PureCM is to shelve your changes. See the User Guide 'Shelving | Shelving Changes' for more details. Note that this will also backup your work on the server - so the changes will not be lost if something happens to your PC.

If you shelve a current changeset twice then the initial shelveset will be updated - so the original checkpoint will be lost. If you want to keep the original checkpoint and create a new checkpoint then you should create a new current changeset and shelve that. See the User Guide 'Adding & Editing Files | Working on Multiple Changes' section for details on creating a new current changeset.

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