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2.2. How do I rename a repository?

In the 2009/2 release or later you can rename the repository within the GUI by right-clicking the repository and selecting 'Rename'.

For prior releases you need to follow these instructions...

Renaming a repository will invalidate all existing workspaces.

To delete a repository you need to:

1) Delete the repository in PureCM (note that this will not actually delete the repository files).

2) Stop the PureCM service.

3) Rename the repository database files. For example if you have a repository called 'Example' you will have some files C:\PureCM\Data\r_Exaple.*. You need to rename the 'Example' to the new repository name.

4) Start the PureCM service.

5) Add a new repository in PureCM with the new repository name. This will link to the existing files and everything will work as normal.

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