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10.1. Diffing and Merging Word Files

From 2008/2 PureCM will support diffing and merging word files 'out of the box' as long as Word is installed on the client machine. If you add a word file to PureCM it should automatically use the file type 'application/msword'. If you open the file it will open the file with Word. If you make a change and select 'Show Differences' it will launch Word to display the differences. If you are interested in how this is setup, so you can customize it further then read on...

If you go to the 'Options | File | Preferences' page you will see an entry for 'application/msword'. Any *.doc or *.docx will automatically use this file type (unless the file type has been manually overridden).

If you open the 'application/msword' options and go to the 'Diff | Apps' page you will see that 'MS Word' has been added as an entry. Because this is the top entry this is the default application which will be used when diffing 2 word files. So this will be launched when calling 'Show Differences' rather than having to use 'Show Differences Using...'.

If you open the properties of the 'MS Word' Options you will see that it calls 'wscript' on the script file "C:\Program Files\PureCM\Client\Scripts\msword-diff.js". This is a simple javascript which is installed when you install the client. The javascript file simply opens Word passing in the relevant files to diff.

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