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10.4. Unshelving into a Different Stream

In the PureCM 2008/2 release we added the ability to unshelve into a different release. This therefore gives you the ability to start a change in one stream, but unshelve it into another stream if you later decide you are implementing it in the wrong stream.

For example, suppose you get a bug report for what looks like a trivial change in the live release. You start working on a fix in the development stream for the live release. But after implementing some of the changes you realise the change is not as trivial as you first thought and it is therefore deemed too risky to put into the live release. In this situation you can now shelve your current changes selecting to revert the changes. You can then unshelve it into a development stream for the active development release. If there are any conflicts (e.g. some of the files have already been changed in the active development release) then you can easily merge them using the familiar PureCM Resolve Tool. So this is a lot quicker and less error prone than having to copy your files across to the new stream and potentially loosing someone elses changes!

To unshelve into a different stream right-click a workspace for the destination stream and select 'All Tasks | Unshelve'. This will launch the Unshelve Dialog.


Select the stream in which the shelveset was created on the left tree. This will list all the shelvesets currently existing for this stream. You can always right-click one of these shelvesets and select 'Properties' if you want to see what changes the shelveset contains. When you have established which shelveset you want unshelve select it either by double-clicking or selecting it and pressing 'OK'.

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