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4.2. How do I compare my file with the server version?

When I 'Show Differences' on a file it show the changes I have made to the file. In the general case this is exactly what I want. However, there is also the situation where another user has submitted some changed to the file and I want to see what the changes are before 'Updating to Latest'. Is this possible with PureCM?


If you right-click on a file nd select 'All Tasks | Differences | Server Version' it will compare the local version of the file with the latest server version. If you want to see all the changes which have been submitted since your last update you can right-click the workspace and select 'All Tasks | View Outstanding Changes'. This will launch the Folder Comparison window shwoing which files have changesd.



Double-clicking on a file will launch the PureCM Differences Tool.

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