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4.1. I do I see what files have been changed on the server (Update Preview)?

If you right-click on a workspace and select 'All Tasks | View Outstanding Changes' this will launch the Folder Compare Tool showing which files have been changed on the server. This shows the differences between the last updated changeset in your workspace and the latest changes on the server. This will not show any workspace changes you have made.



If you double-click a file it will launch the PureCM Differences Tool showing the file differences.


If the workspace is out-of-date it will have the 'clock' icon.



Out of date files will be illustrated by the 'clock' icon and a blue backgroud.



If a file is out of date and is checked out this will have a red background to indicate a potential conflict which should be resolved as soon as possible. You can resolve the conflict by running 'Update to Latest' which will launch the PureCM Resolve Tool.



The workspace gets the status of server files every 30 seconds for each workspace (so if you have 10 workspaces, each workspace will be updated every 300 seconds). You can force the workspace to get the latest file status by right-clicking the workspace and selecting 'All Tasks | Refresh Status'.

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