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2.1. Can I create a workspace to only include some stream folders?


If you select a stream folder and select 'Create Workspace' then a workspace will be created for this individual folder only.

Alternatively, when creating a workspace in the GUI expand the 'Advanced' + box and notice the 'Multi-Path...' button.


Select this button to launch the 'Workspace Folder Mappings' dialog. You will only be able to edit this if the 'Store workspace database within home directory' is checked. You cannot create a multi-path workspace if the workspace database is not stored in the home directory because the workspace will not have a root.



Within this dialog you can create folder mappings. The 'Stream Path' is the folder in the stream. The 'Local Path' is the local folder on your machine. Press the 'Add' button to add a new mapping.


Note that PureCM will process these mappings from the most specific stream folder upwards. So you can specify the mappings:

    '/folder1/folder2' -> C:\Folder2

    '/folder1' -> C:\Folder1

    '/' -> C:\Root

PureCM will put '/folder1/folder2' in 'C:\Folder2'. The rest of '/folder1' will be put into 'C:\Folder1'. Finally everything else will be put in 'C:\Root'.

After confirming the 'Workspace Folder Mappings' dialog and the 'Workspace Creation' dialog the workspace will be created with the specified mappings.

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