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8.1. Why is this file locked by me?

There are four ways in which a file can be locked:

1) If you disable the 'Multi Checkout' policy then whenever a file is checked out it is locked (this is to stop two people changing the same file at the same time).

2) If the file type has the 'Automatically Lock when Checking Out' checked then the file will lock whenever the file is checked out. So for example it does not make sense for 2 people to edit the same binary file at the same time.

3) A developer who has checked out a file in a workspace can right-click and select 'Advanced | Lock'. You would typically do this if you were restructuring a file and wanted to stop other people making changes temporarily.

4) A developer has deleted a file within a workspace and the 'Lock Files on Delete' policy is enabled (this is the default).

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