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8.2. How do I unlock a file which is locked?

The lock should always be removed when you submit a changeset, revert the file or delete the workspace. There are however occassions where you want to manually remove the lock on a file. For example a developer may have locked a bunch of files before going on vacation for 2 weeks!

To manually remove the locks you need to have the 'File Lock Adminstration' policy enabled.

Using the GUI navigate to the relevant stream and expand the 'Current Changesets' node. This shows which files
are currently being changed by which developers. There should be a current changeset containing the file lock. You need to delete this current changeset by right-clicking and selecting 'Delete'.


Alternatively you can navigate to a specific file in the stream, right-click and select 'Unlock'.


This will remove the lock for this particular file but not the other files in that developer's current changeset.

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