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3.1. How do I create a label?

PureCM uses the concept of a Stream for both a 'Development Branch' and a 'Label'. So if you want to label a release you should just create a new stream from the development stream. Because PureCM does not copy the files when creating a stream the creation will be instantaneous and will not increase the database size.

To stop other people editing the files within a release stream we recommend you copy the release to a stream folder where the permissions are setup to only give everyone read permission. So for example you could create a stream folder 'Release' where everyone has read permission only. You can set the permissions for a stream folder by right-clicking the folder and selecting 'Properties'.


This will prevent anyone from submitting changes to the release. Alternatively you could let 'LeadDevelopers' submit changes, but exclude 'Developers' if this fits with your process.

After creating the release stream, the stream will appear in the development stream's 'Submitted Changesets' to show when the stream was created in relation to when changes were submitted.


When you view a file's history the release streams will also appear if you check the 'Show Child Streams' checkbox. So you can see what version went into which release.

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