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10.2. Can I open files using my own editor from PureCM?

If you open the GUI 'Options | File | Preferences' you will see options for various file types.

For each file type you can specify what editor to use, what diff tool to use, etc. For this example lets suppose we want to open all image files in Paint. You first need to add options for the file type 'image/*' so click on the 'New...' button.

Add 'image' as the type and '*' as the Subtype (so this will be used for all image files). Next click on the 'Editors' page to select which editor to use.

In this example we have specified 3 possible editors. Because 'PureCM Editor' is at the top this will be the default editor, so this will be used if you double-click a file or select 'Open'. Alternatively if you right-click a file and select 'Open Using' then a dialog will launch listing all 3 possible editors. So you could specify Paint as the default editor but Paint.Net as a secondary editor which we may want to use from time to time.

'Default Application' refers to the application associated with this file in Windows. If you want to use the default Windows application simply move this to the top of the list by selecting 'Default Application' and pressing the 'Up' arrow.

This may be what you want. If so press 'OK' in this dialog and the Options dialog and try double-clicking on a file associated with the filetype 'image/generic'. It should now launch whatever application you have associated with this file in Windows. Alternatively, try right-clicking on the file and selecting 'Open With'. This will launch a dialog allowing you select the editor from this list.

Try selecting the 'PureCM Editor'. This will launch the PureCM Editor in Hexidecimal mode.

You may notice that 'Notepad' is appearing as an editor, Where it is not valid for image files. Go back to the options for 'image/*' select the 'Notepad' entry and press the delete button to remove it from the list. Note that you can never delete the 'PureCM Editor' entry.

Lets add Paint as an option. Click the 'New...' button and specify the name as 'Paint' and the path as the location of the Paint executable (%SystemRoot%\system32\mspaint.exe). The Params field can be left as %1, this will be filled in as the file name when Paint is called. Tick the 'Default' to make this the defaul editor within PureCM (this will put it to the top of the list).

Click 'OK' and notice that 'Paint' has been added to the list and is at the top.

Now click 'OK' for both the Options dialogs and double-click an 'image/generic' file. The file should now be launched using Paint.

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