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Command line client (pcm) questions

1. General

1.1. Command Line Help

The best way to get help for all PureCM command line commands is to use the command line. Each command comes with its own help document you can access my typing 'pcm help <command>'.

For a list of commands simily type 'pcm help' and for sub category type 'pcm help <category>'.

pcm help 

1.2. 'Unable to Connect to Server' message

I can connect to the server using my PureCM GUI. I can also checkout/checkin files using the command line. But when I try and submit I get a 'Failed to Connect to Server' message.

This is probably because you have multiple connections and have not specified which connection pcm should use. 'Checkin/Checkout' will work fine because they do not require a server connection.

The best way to check if you have a server connection is with the command 'pcm info'. This will tell you what server pcm is trying to use and whether it can connect. If it can get the 'Server Version' then it has successfully connected to the server.

If you have multiple connections then you first need to run 'pcm server list' to see a list of all available connections. Next to each connection is a 'Connection ID'.

You can then use 'pcm server setdefault [connection id]' to tell pcm which server to use.