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Information about generating standard and custom reports within PureCM

1. Report Setup

1.1. How do I automate my report generation?

You can use the 'pcm report generate' command (see 'pcm help report generate' for details).

2. Common Issue Reports

2.1. How many issues of each type are open?

You can get a summary of this by creating an issue view which only contains the open issues. Create a new issue view and for each issue type you want t report on, add a new expression specifying the state. Note that if an issue can be open with more than one state then you can 'OR' the expressions together.


When you then open the view the status bar will display the number of issues for each type.

Alternatively you can create the report 'Issue Report | State Distribution'. So you will create a column called 'open' and only include the states which you consider open.

The report will then show you how many issues are currently open (as well as how many were open last month, etc.) We use this report but also include 'rejected' and 'completed' as columns.


2.2. How many issues were resovled in the last 7 days?

This can be specified by creating an 'Issue Trend Report | Action Trend' report. You can specify the time period you want to report on and the actions you want to include. So in this case you would include the 'Cleared' issue action.


This will display the number of actions performed within each of the time period spcified (in this case months). The report also shows the totals for each time period and for each issue action.

2.3. How many issues have been created in the last 7 days?

This the same as generating a report to see how many issues have been resolved. The only difference is that you should report on the 'Create' action rather than the 'Complete' action.

2.4. What issues changed state in the last 7 days?

This can be achieved with the 'Issue Report | Issue Action List' report. When specifying the 'Report Parameters' you will specify what fields to include in the report.



Press the 'Select Actions' button to select the Issue Actions you want to include. In this case you will select the 'Creation' action. You must do this for each Issue Type, or uncheck the 'Include this issue type within the report' checkbox.



This will then list all the all of the issues in which this action has been performed in the specified time period.



If multiple actions have been performed on the same issue then the same issue will appear multiple times. If this is a problem you can customize this by editing the XSLT.