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Using the Projects View to manage your projects

1. Overview

1.1. What is the Projects View?

The projects view is a new way for you to control your workflow and release planning inside PureCM.

1.2. How do I start using Projects?

1.3. What is the difference between different user types?

There are three different user types defined in PureCM to use Projects.

Projects User

This is the basic user policy which will turn on the ability to work on Tasks and to submit changesets with Tasks.
This will give the user access to the 'My Tasks' section of the 'My Work' perspective.

The user can raise new tasks into a project back-log.
The user can modify tasks they own.

Projects Advanced User

Projects Administrator

2. Tasks

2.1. What is a Task?

A task is a single piece of work that you will submit as one changeset.

It allows you to plan your changes in advance and assign them to individual developers (or groups) so they know what they should be working on.

Tasks also allow managers to keep track of the progress of a project and see what is currently being worked on.

Best Practice

Ideally a task should be no more than half of a days work.

3. FAQs

3.1. How do I delete a project, version or folder

In the GUI right-click the project, version or folder and select 'Administration | Complete'. This option will only be available if you have the 'Project Administration' policy enabled.

This will not actually delete the item, but it will be removed from the tree.